Colour + Design Story

Colour + Design Story
Tue, 26/10/2021 – 09:36

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This season, each of the five homes will feature COLORBOND® steel Matt roofing in a variety of colours. House #1 and House #3 took their love affair with this material one step further and used COLORBOND® steel Matt for walling in their backyards as well! Once again Architectural Cladding Suppliers (ACS) was the supplier of the material and their Snaplock Panel, (a standing seam style of profile), was used across all homes in a variety of pan widths and rib heights. 

With the roof being one of the largest surfaces and most visible elements on a home it’s important to make sure the other exterior material choices complement this element. Together these materials form the ‘face’ of a house, creating street appeal and setting the tone of the palette as it flows from outside to in. 

To assist the teams in making their exterior selections, COLORBOND® steel Colour and Design Consultant, Ali Fenton worked closely with The Block Architect, Julian Brenchley, and each team to explore different options with them. Ali used flatlays to allow each of the teams to experiment with all the Classic and Contemporary colours in the COLORBOND® steel palette including the Matt range and gain insights on what other material choices would naturally connect with their roof. She also used the flatlays to demonstrate how a seamless flow can be created from outside to inside for each house. In addition to the consideration of colour, Ali also advised the teams on how different profile choices for both roofing and walling can accentuate the style and features of a home. 

Says Ali, “With so many COLORBOND® steel choices for roofing and walling available it can be difficult to know which to choose. I always recommend chatting to an architect or building designer first to help you understand your options with regards to engineering and structural requirements, and then consider the style you are after.”

Regarding the aesthetics of the profile, Ali advises that if you are looking for a contemporary roof design then standing seam style profiles work well. There is also a stylish new trend to use these profiles for both roofing and walling, and to have an effortless transition from one element to the next – as seen on House #1. “For this application, using a wider pan can create a greater sense of calm through subtle striation”, says Ali. 

For a more traditional style house, corrugated profiles are a natural choice if you are looking for something timeless. “But”, says Ali, “If you want to add a contemporary edge to the build, like Mitch and Mark did, a narrower pan standing seam style can be quite complementary for traditional homes as they can mirror the texture of corrugated profiles, albeit more sharply with the defined ribs.”

In addition to colour and profile selection, professional renovators in House #1, Ronnie and Georgia, selected the lightest colour in the Matt palette – Surfmist®. Les Clarke, Owner of LCS Plumbing who installed all of the COLORBOND® steel for the second year in a row, commented “By the end of it (the installation), I fell in love with the colour. I thought it was spectacular!” he laughed. 

In addition to the challenge of having the largest surface area of COLORBOND® steel to contend with, House #1 also had the steepest pitched roof which meant it was narrow and tight to work on. This application required the utmost care with the installation to ensure a seamless run of lines from roofing to walling was achieved. Sonia Camilleri-Lummis, Architectural Specification at Architectural Cladding Suppliers, agreed that the risk paid off. “The reward was well worth it. We absolutely love the barn-style roof and it’s perfectly aligned and symmetrical, and the colour Surfmist® in the matt finish provides a stunning diffusion of light for all to admire. This is where the intersection of design, fabrication and installation is critical to ensuring a stunningly beautiful result,” she praised. 

For next-door neighbours, Mitch and Mark in House #2, the colour selection of their roof played a significant role in balancing the traditional design of their house with a more contemporary style profile. Following their consultations with Ali and Julian, the couple decided on COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Basalt® to complement the heritage style of their house and strike the perfect balance between light and dark shades. 

Further down the cul-de-sac, House #3’s Tanya and Vito took full advantage of their mid-century modern style house and used the versatile COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Shale Grey™ to balance their colourful façade.  The couple loved the COLORBOND® steel Matt finish so much that in week #9 they made a last-minute decision to clad three of their external walls around their outdoor area in this material as well. Tanya consulted with Ali about the colour choice for this section, and eventually decided on COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Basalt® after realising that this solid neutral would form the ideal contemporary contrast against the warm timber decking, which could then link to the interior finishes of the home. 

At the end of Bronte Court, Josh and Luke surprised no-one when they selected COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Monument® – the darkest colour in the Matt range. The brothers have pursued a pared back style through their exterior palette which works beautifully with their eye-catching skillion mid-roof that is nestled between an almost flat roof on either side. The skillion roof can be seen from the top of Bronte Court and creates a sense of drama and anticipation for what lies beneath the 40-degree pitch. 

On the opposite side of the street are Jesse and Kirsty in House #5. This couple has the largest block of all the homes and the only house that is two-storeys. Seeking to create a Hamptons style house, a narrower pan was selected for the roofing profile to bring the look closer to a traditional corrugated style. This fresh approach has created a subtle contemporary look that works perfectly with the home’s customary design. Says Ali, “From the street, you can see how the texture of the slim pans and low ribs flow across the soft white walls to create visual interest. However, the key to the palette is the strikingly elegant contrast of the COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt which allowed the changing directions of the rooflines, additional valleys, and ridges to really stand out”

Sonia from ACS agreed. “A trend we are familiar with is COLORBOND® steel’s darker colours on Hamptons and traditional styled houses. Kirsty and Jesse implemented this beautifully on their house and the result is breathtaking with its architectural design and feel.”

Now seasoned partners on The Block, both LCS Plumbing, and ACS are enjoying watching the COLORBOND® steel colour story unfold and the designs come to life. Says Les from LCS, “We know, it’s always going to be hard and it’s going to be gruelling but at the end of the day we love being able to work together on such a big project, and the result is always pretty spectacular.”

ACS agrees. “It is always a pleasure collaborating with all the trades, contestants, and designers on The Block. Looking back at what was achieved this season, we are once again very proud to have had the opportunity to be involved with The Block 2021 series”, says Sonia.

Julian reflected on how he was feeling as the houses come together and the designs are revealed. “Not one house is the same as the other, which is fantastic. It’s the best possible outcome we could ever hope for.” 

Stay tuned as more photos of the home are revealed, and we go behind the scenes with each of the teams and learn about their design visions with COLORBOND® steel Matt. 

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