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Colour Stories
Mon, 02/08/2021 – 11:24

The Block 2021 articles

With a background in landscape design, it’s no surprise that Ali’s key recommendation when considering your design concept is to review your surroundings first. “A sense of place and local environment are key to the creation of a harmonious design” says Ali. She also encourages clients to balance this with including their own stories and style in their project. “This is equally important when creating your home” says Ali. “And the exciting part, is that this year on The Block we see all of these elements come in to play. Each build works with its surroundings but is also an unmistakeable expression of each couple’s personality. Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

Excited to watch this season unfold, Ali has these tips for anyone considering a design update to their home: 

Review your location and the styles in your neighbourhood. What is unique to your area that you can draw inspiration from?
Exterior design is all about bringing the ‘outside in’. If your floorplan allows for it, start by drawing external elements into the home, such as flooring or walling treatments, to remove boundaries between living spaces and create a continuous flow of materials. 
Unite your interior and exterior palette through the repetition of materials, textures, surface finishes, patterns, colours, and greenery. 
If considering COLORBOND® steel wall cladding for your exterior, think about how you can use the lines to your advantage. A standing seam style vertical wall cladding is great for adding the allusion of height to a building and can be replicated inside though the use of wall lining such as VJ panelling. 
To create flow between living spaces, exterior colours can be mimicked inside the home using muted or tinted tonal shifts for subtle effects. Or to create accents or add some drama, you can dial up saturation in a few key shades.
Think about what you identify with – what places, events and experiences have helped shape your life? How can these be represented in your design choices, so your home becomes a reflection of you?

Lastly, collect samples, lay them out together and play around to see what works. Says Ali, “This is the fun part! There are so many ways to express yourself and finding a combination that works with your surroundings and resonates with you is a giant step towards happy and harmonious living”.

Stay tuned this season to see Ali at work with the teams on their ideas and colour palettes. 

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