PrestaC Craft-Seam

Flexibility of Steel PrestaC Craft-Seam is the ultimate roof solution. It is simple, efficient and elegant with endless flexibility in forms. It allows good detailing and appropriate craftsmanship, thus enhances the architectural and aesthetic value of bulding solution. With special processes, the elements can be manufactured concave, convex tapered or combination of the geometry. The clean uncluttered appearance compliments both the contemporary as well as traditional architecture.


PrestaC Craft-Seam is simple for its clean and uncluttered look. Slim and sparsely spaced ribs gives fewer lines to the roof. It is sleek, clean and uncluttered.


Built-up of the roof can be customised to suit the requirement of end user. Insulation can be added to meet hat and sound insulation, hence provide a comfortable design environment and ambient. It also lower energy cost. The concealed clip system and seamed ribs provide the ultimate protection against weather.


Flexibility of the profile allows designers to fully express the architectural form. The profile can be formed tapped and curve to meet the geometrical profile of the roof or wall. Combinations of curving and tapering allows the multitudes of forms.


With understanding of the behavior of metals, craftsman can produce varieties of details to enhance the clean and uncluttered look.


Material for the roofing material for PrestaC Craft-Seam can be selected from a wide varieties Clean Colorbond steel fitting to the building aesthetic, be it the original Clean ColorbondĀ®, the SPECTRUM, ULTRA, XPD or the ultimate PEARLESCENT series. These material also come with warranty supported by BlueScope steel.

The profile can accommodate other material such as aluminium, copper, zinc and titanium.

Build Up

PrestaC Craft-Seam is an architectural roof and care is needed to build up the roof to yield its optimum effect. It must be well supported by stiffer backing element to yield support to the finished roof maintaining its long lasting elegant appearance. It can be customised to meet the need.

The profile can also work with aluminium, copper, zinc and titanium.

PrestaC Craft-Seam let you to take control.
SHAPE - taking control of architectural designs, FORM - taking control of expression and COLOURS - allowing expression of thought.

Imagination has no boundaries.

Customizable Cladding - PrestaC Xinglesimple, efficient, elegant and detailing