PrestaC Panel

Concealed fastened for
clean look


Give me the flexibility and needs for my ceilings design

Schematics & Lengths

PrestaC is produced in length up to 6m. However longer length is available provided transport and on-site handling can be arranged. Standard panel width is 200mm (minimum width is 150mm). Standard thickness is 0.48mm TCT (0.42mm BMT), wider width panel is also available upon request, but subject to thicker material.


PrestaC is readily available in Clean COLORBOND® steel G300 made by BlueScope Steel.

Clean COLORBOND® steel, AZ150 G300

Clean COLORBOND® is the pre-painted ZINCALUME steel with the ability to prevent tropical dirt staining and better colour retention. Clean COLORBOND® paint system is oven cured with nominal gloss of 25% which conforms to Australian Standard AS2728 Category 3. It is certified to BOMBA Class ‘O’ (AS1530) with heat resistance up to 100°C.

Other materials are also available upon request:

  • Clean COLORBOND® ULTRA AZ200 G300 steel
  • Clean COLORBOND® XPD Pearlescent AZ150 G300 steel
  • Capero® G300 steel
  • PrimaMaju® AZ100 G300 steel
  • Prepainted Aluminium


PrestaC comes in 3 standard colours

  • Off White
  • Gull Grey
  • Clean Beige

Due to printing limitations, colour seen may differ from actual. Please contact EcoSteel for actual color sample.


PrestaC has a back to back material performance warranty from BlueScope Steel Malaysia of up to 25 years upon meeting all the requirements. The warranty includes:

  • Shall not perforate by corrosion uo to 25 years*
  • Shall not peel and flake excessively up to 15 years*
  • Shall not colour fade excessively up to 10 years*

* terms and conditions apply.

Quality Control

With the certification of MS/ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, EcoSteel ensures high quality Clean COLORBOND® is precisely cold formed into PrestaC.


  • Copper and Lead are incompatible materials and should NOT be used with PrestaC made from Clean COLORBOND® Steel.
  • Manual cutting is recommended. Avoid circular saw cut that result in having hot particles falling onto PrestaC sheets.
  • Keep ceiling panels dry and clear off the ground in a well ventilated area with proper cover. This is to avoid accumulation of moisture on the roofing sheets and to avoid contact with ant corrosive agent such as chemicals, solvents or noxious vapours.
  • For panel length longer than 4m, please contact EcoSteel for more information.

Physical Properties

Thickness 200mm Panel
Kg/m Kg/m2
0.48mm TCT (0.42mm BMT) 1.07 5.36


PrestaC 200 can be easily installed onto ceiling support using self drilling screws with wafer head 10:16×22 or spiral-threaded steel nails 3.75mm dia x 40.

Recommended fasteners spacing 600mm(24″). Hidden fasteners are secured to the female rib to the ceiling strip. Please consult EcoSteel or structural engineer for the support & fastening details of PrestaC.

Installation Details

Customizable Cladding - Presta QladWe ensure that detailings and accessories
Are fully integrated with into your design