PrestaC Xingle

PrestaC Xingle is a metal shingle roof offers a sustainable alternative to the traditional shingle roof using various types of timber or stone shingles. Yet it is passionately crafted to achieve the classical, rustic and natural appearance.

It is simple, efficient and elegant and compliment by good detailing to enhance the aesthetic value of buildings. It is versatile and can be arranged into geometrical configurations imaginable. Simplicity allows it to be utilized on buildings with forms and shapes imaginable.

User is empowered with freedom to choose from various metals, colours and surface textures.


As a standard, variants of colour coated product from BlueScope Steel has been a popular choice, ie:

  • Clean Colorbond Matt for its elegance
  • Capero steel for its textured surface

Strength: 300 MPa
Thickness: 0.42mm BMT


Dimensions of individual shingle

Dimensions of nestled shingles

Unit weight

5.7 kg per sq m for 0.42mm BMT steel


Refer to colour chart


Standard warranty by NS Bluescope applies

Proposed Roof Built-up

Customizable Cladding - PrestaC PanelGive me the flexibility and needs for my ceilings design