Showcase stories

Showcase stories
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Social Media support for your business and COLORBOND® steel

COLORBOND® steel has over 200,000 followers in Social Media and regularly achieves 30,000+ reach on a single Facebook post. Simply upload your images and build story here to have your COLORBOND® steel experience amplified as part of the #COLORBONDsteel social media activity.

Aligning your brand with #COLORBONDsteel

COLORBOND® steel wants to showcase stories from your business about all the wonderful ways you are using COLORBOND® steel – especially COLORBOND® steel Matt. Amplifying these stories will give your brand increased visibility in social media, and ensures that COLORBOND® steel remains fresh and relevant. Posts can be targeted by region (Nationally, State-wide or by post-code) and to particular demographics. If you can tell us where to focus your posts, we can do the rest.

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Giving us your details will enable us to come back to you if we have any follow up questions about your images and build-story. It also helps us to understand a little better how your build-story might best be targeted.

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Please tell us in 30-100 words about the build. What is it? Location? Any quotes/endorsements from 3rd parties? When completed? What made the build ‘special’ and how did COLORBOND® steel (Matt) play a role? Please include any message that is particularly important to your brand’s story – a strap line, ‘brand purpose’ etc. And the names of any individuals you would like to call out as having been involved in the build.

Key facts

Key facts

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Basalt® Matt
Classic Cream™
Cottage Green®
Deep Ocean®
Dune® Matt
Evening Haze®
Manor Red®
Monument® Matt
Night Sky®
Pale Eucalypt®
Shale Grey™
Shale Grey™ Matt
Surfmist® Matt
Woodland Grey®

– Select –
Garage Doors
Guttering & Fascia
Patios & Pergolas
Water Tanks

more items

(e.g. first/ second etc time buyer, household income, live in vs. investor, design-led vs. price led, highly-confident vs. low-confidence in choices, COLORBOND® steel-loyal vs switchers etc)

Would you like us to call you about your Build-Story?

What makes a good story for social?

Success in Social Media comes from delivering what your audience wants to read, rather than what you want to ‘sell’. Typically, a post is going to be seen, not on your page, but in someone’s personal feed. So, a personal story, e.g. from a homeowner that you have built something for, that talks about what a great job you did, and how much they love the outcome, is generally going to make for better social, than a story from you (or us) talking about what a great job we’ve done! Third party endorsements are ‘gold’ – be they from homeowners, peers, the community or Professional Bodies (i.e. awards). The stories can be about a great aesthetic; solving a customer’s problem; innovation; sheer hard work etc. They can be about the building, or the build. There’s a role for special offers and the like – but the audience for these is much more limited, so they need to be managed with care! 

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I give BlueScope Steel Limited permission to use, reproduce and crop/edit the material supplied via this form (“Material”) on their social media platforms. I warrant that the Material does not infringe the rights of any third party; it is not unlawful or fraudulent, or in breach of any intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights. I have obtained consent from the owner of any property that is showcased or otherwise prominently featured in the Material (including but not limited to any house/building), from any person that appears in the Material, and from any other person that has any rights in respect to the Material, such that there is no active limitation or legal impediment to my giving BlueScope consent to use the Material in the manner proposed. I acknowledge that BlueScope Steel Limited reserves the right to refuse to publish, or remove from publication, any Material which it deems in its absolute discretion to be offensive, inappropriate, or in breach of third party rights, and that BlueScope Steel offers no guarantees with regards to any minimum of maximum coverage or reach of any social media posts.

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