EcoSteel Truss System

EcoSteel Roof Truss System is the better alternative roof truss to timber, intended for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. It is made from High Tensile Galvanised G550 Steel Purlin and BlueScope ZINCALUME steel. EcoSteel Roof Truss can lasts as long as the building, troublefree truss solution that won't warp, burn or be attacked by termites.


  • Strong, lightweight and durable
  • Termite resistance
  • Non combustible
  • Dimensional stability
  • Environment friendly
  • Support any type of roofing material
  • Cost efficient
  • Shorter erection time


EcoSteel Roof Truss designs will stand the test of time and weather. All roof truss structures are designed to BS 4600:1996 and BS 6399.


EcoSteel Roof Truss components such as Purlin, batten & accessories are manufactured and supplied by related company UGI with ISO 9001:2000 certification. The base materials are:

  • BlueScope Steel ZINCALUME Steel, AZ150, G550 High-Tensile steel with thickness up to 1.20mm TCT.
  • Galvanised G450 High-Tensile steel with minimum thickness of 1.60mm and metallic coating to Australian Standard AS 1397, Z275.

Method of Fabrication

All roof truss components are jointed together by tapping screws or bolts & nuts to eliminate welding. Steel battens are directly fastened onto rafters with self-drilling screws. They can be lapped easily over each other as its unique form allows niche fitting.

Longer Life

EcoSteel Roof Truss is expected to last as long as the building. Hot-dipped metallic coating of ZINCALUME comply to Australian Standard AS 1397 and SIRIM MS 1196, or Zinc Alloy to AS 1397, Z275 shall protect EcoSteel Roof Truss from corrosion.


Steel does not burn! EcoSteel Truss materials had been tested to BOMBA CLass ‘O’. EcoSteel Roof Truss does not contribute to fire; it prevents fire to spread in case of fire.

Dimensional Stability

EcoSteel Roof Truss is designed and factory prefabricated to be dimensionally accurate There is no risk of steel twisting, warping or shrinking that commonly happens in timber truss that leads to leaking roof and cracking cornices between ceiling and walls.

Termite Resistance

Termite does not eat steel! EcoSteel Roof Truss is impervious to white ant and termites attack; it may eliminate need for pest control.

Environmental Friendly

EcoSteel Roof Trusses are 100% recyclable. EcoSteel Roof Truss is prefabricated, leaving minimum cutting wastage on site.

Low Maintenance

Unlike timber truss, EcoSteel Roof Truss eliminates risk of roof leaking due to warping of roof truss. No roof leaking, less maintenance cost.

Roofing Sheets

EcoSteel Roof Truss is designed to support any type of roofing sheet; clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, steel roof, Aluminium roof, etc. Quality steel roof such as UGI Clean Colorbond steel roof is recommended for performance and low maintenance cost.


EcoSteel Roof Truss System normally comes with supply and install. Installation manual/ instruction is available from our Technical Support Department.

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